10.20 am - 10.40 am (CET)
16 February 2023
Responsible Innovation Talk
Responsible Innovation Talk: Data Masters
Filip Petrovski
Martin Vasilkovski
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Responsible & explainable AI Recruitment

The current state of all fields in business is full of a vast amount of job positions which are very difficult to track by Human Resources personnel. In our talk, we will present a solution which will help HR organizations and departments to make more effective and data-driven decisions. We will present how we achieved to follow all principles of Responsible and Explainable AI, that assists organizations to track how fit are potential employees for a position, and how it would be applied in the military sector.

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Responsible & explainable AI Recruitment speakers

  • Filip Petrovski
    Filip Petrovski
  • Martin Vasilkovski
    Martin Vasilkovski
    Senior Data Scientist & Head of RND

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