10.15 am - 3.15 pm (CET)
15 and 16 February 2023
Student Track
Lounge 2
REAIM 2023
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All day - Serious AI Game & Student Lounge

Students are the future of tomorrow! At REAIM, students will be given the opportunity to explore all different aspects the Summit has to offer. They can visit the plenary sessions, listen to the experts in the Summit’s keynote panel, and interact with interesting speakers in various breakouts.


Student Lounge & Serious AI Game
On top of that, REAIM will be home to a student lounge hosted by Defensity College, where students can meet each other and can have a chat with several high level speakers. In this lounge, students will also play a Serious AI Game, specifically designed for REAIM2023. This game is developed by Goldsworthy Stolk & Associates.


Schedule Day 1:
10.45 am -12.45 am & 1.15 pm -3.15 pm – Location: Lounge 2.


Schedule Day 2:
10.15 am -12.15 pm & 12.45 pm -2.45 pm – Location: Lounge 2.



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